What's coming up for Glaxial?

Hello internet!

Thank you again for your interest and support, we still can't believe all the love our book has received.

Last update, I was talking of my dream of making Glaxial something ongoing. A world with a lot of adventure that needed to be more than just a mini-series. I have think about it and found that the best way to share this world with you. Is not to make Glaxial: Freak or God an ongoing series. So  here's the result:

In my teenage years, I was a big reader of Shonen Jump Mangas (which did inspire Glaxial art direction) and grown up I have become a huge 2000AD follower (which did inspire the writing of Glaxial). I love how an anthological Magazine give the freedom of developing and exploring a world without any storyline limitation. 

So I did take the month to build a bussiness model for an anthological magazine dedicated to Glaxial world.

Of course, the series you backed on this kickstarter will continue after the #1. The magazine will be more content, spin-off of THIS main series (developing secondary characters arc, before and after stories) and done by various creators not just by me and Rob Cannon. (Around 6-10 veterants and new talents per issue gonna makes stories with fan favorite Glaxial Characters).

If you want to be part of the magazine as a creator - Click here for info

Here's the cover for Glaxial Magazine #1:

 We plan to release a magazine each 2 month starting in January (more info about it coming next week).... but for now let's go back to GLAXIAL #1: FREAK OR GOD the book you financed and backed!

Because of this magazine idea. I decided to add a chapter in the book to connect everything together. Since we added content in the book. This added 3 weeks of production. Glaxial #1: Freak or God (And other rewards) are going to be shipped in september. I'm really sorry for the delay it's causing but yes, the book gonna be bigger!

Here's a new layout by Rob Cannon for the new pages of Glaxial #1: Freak or God:

We got two books on the way. Also, we plan to release Freak or God #2 around February (can be release before depending of the publisher choice). Glaxial Magazine #2 should be release in March 2019. Here's the date for both #1:

 If you had backed us on Kickstarter: survey will be send wednesday august 15th.

Thank you so much for being part of the Glaxial birth. Thank you for supporting this dream and helping us to make it something cool! If you have any questions about the magazine or your rewards. Feel free to contact me via email (kevinroditeli@gmail.com) or directly on Facebook.

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