Hello Everyone,

wish you are having a good weekend and happy thanksgiving to all americans,

Logo & layouts are on our covers for Glaxial #1!

Here's both main covers:

The 4 other covers are on the design table!

Do you like it? What do you think we should change or improve?

Let us know in comment section or on social media :)

Also, Since we are talking of Social Media,

The Social media machine start!

We will be posting on social media on a regular base starting on moday. Art, Videos, articles, here where you can follow us:

Our Facebook:

Our Instagram:

Our Twitter:

AND...We are launching the #GlaxialWednesday each wednesday we will post a Kickstarter / Indiegogo update and blog post until everyone has receive their rewards.

We have a lot planned for Glaxial, thank you for being the first to jump into our world!

If you didn't pre-order your copy yet, It's still available for few weeks on Indiegogo Indemand: Click here!

Thank you for your support <3

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