ANNOUNCEMENT: I Write for Blood, Skulls and Chrome!

I have the pleasure to announce that I'm the writer of a spin-off for Hannu Kesola's Blood, Skulls & Chrome series. My story will be publish episodically at the end of each issue.

What's Blood, Skulls and Chrome?

''it's the story of The Texas-based outlaw motorcycle club: The Steel Knights. They have lost a big deal from the Mexican Cartel to rival the Lake Street Boyz gang. When the two reckless members of the MC kill the cartel's liaison, the MC soon find themselves fighting for survival against the threats from outside and within.'' - Hannu Kesola (Creator of BSC).

I'm excited to jump into this world, because the road for this series has been so long. I just want to yell: FINALLY! Let's do the recap: In 2015, I started a publishing company named Rats & Crows Publishing. In 2017, we decided to start an imprint named Pond Scum Comics. BSC was one of the flagship title of this imprint. At the end of 2017, we sold Rats & Crows Publishing and new owner stopped the Pond Scum imprint... So this series, NEVER been release. In June 2018 (1 year later), Hannu contacted me saying that he had new plan for BSC and asked me if I was interested to do at the end of each issue a small story spin-off where I explore bikers background...

My answer: FUCK YEAH DUDE.

Second reason to be excited, Mohammad Ramlan (the artist) is 🔥.

Hannu new plan for Blood, Skulls and Chrome is similar to what we did with Glaxial: Freak or God #1. Make the Kickstarter (exclusive edition to Backers) and if not funded the project don't happen. If funded: He will pitch to publishers the series!

You can now pre-order BSC #1 & #2 (each issue will have inside: a short story written by me) INTERESTED TO SUPPORT THE PROJECT? CLICK HERE TO GO ON KICKSTARTER!

HANNU! Thank you Hannu for trusting Through the years. Thank to Hannu for trusting me with your characters.

YOU! Thank you for reading this post. Thank you for following my adventure and the adventure of my characters

© 2018 by Kevin Roditeli.