The Game Awards has comfirmed 2019 will be the year for Fallout-like games. That's mean 2019, gonna be an EPIC year (probably) for wastleland lovers like me. Looks like the industry knew Fallout 76 would be meh. Ho yeah, looks like the industry also enjoy the fact Gearbox is still not talking of a Borderlands 3. Here's 4 2019 releases promoted / announced at Game Award!

The Outer Worlds (The most obvious one)

The Outer Worlds looks like a mix of Borderlands (Design / setting) and Fallout: New Vegas (gameplay). I couldn't be more excited, This thing blend my two favorite games. No big surprises on the similar looks to fallout. This Franchise is developed by some of the original Fallout Creators and Obsidian (Developers of New Vegas). Well, that's a good timing for war (if it's) versus Bethesda and the desapointed Fallout 76.

Far Cry New Dawn

Another big surprise from the Game Award, Far Cry franchise next-game will be completly into post-apo. The Ubisoft franchise last game was taking place into a distopia USA. This might be a direct sequel. This looks a powerful mix between Mad Max and Far Cry.


RAGE was a fun corridor post-apo game with Borderlands feel. Big difference RAGE 2 will be an full open world! From the trailer it does looks like a Borderlands game with the energy of bulletstorm.

Atomic Hearth

Atomic Hearth looks like something that can be game of the year or another confusing weird interesting mess. Well, it looks really ambicious with a mix of Bioshock and fallout vibes.

Honestly, I'm excited by all those games. I made this article because fallout franchise is my jam. Which one of those games are you the most excited by?

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