16 GREAT Comics right now on Kickstarter! | March 2019

Hello crowdfunding and comics lovers!

The month of march is EPIC on kickstarter for comics, many awesome new series and returning HIT are kickstarting there panels at the moment.

Here's 16 books from groovy badass creators that I'm sure you gonna enjoy!

Of course, I can't / don't know all the campaigns live. If you got a campaign running please share it in the comment section of this blog post - Let's get you backers as well 🤠!

Click on the covers to go to the Kickstarter Campaigns!

1) Unbeholden: Trenches by Kaan Emirler

2) Drexler #2 by Nathan Kelly and Bob Salley

3) Killtopia #2 by Dave Cook and Craig Paton

4) THE AGGREGATE BOOK 2 by Ben Bishop

5) After The Gold Rush by Miles Greb

6) Skotus by Rob Wolinsky and Nicolò Arcuti

7) Nook by Caleb Thusat

8) Zombies We're Humain Too by Austin Janowsky

9) XCT: Breakout Graphic Novel by Shaun Keenan

10) Foxy and Wolfy: Chaos - Volume 1 by Kitsune Windsor

11) 5 seconds - Volume 3 by Es Kay

12) Amelia Sky #3 by Jermaine M.Boyd

13) Avery The Astonishing by Lawrence James King

14) My Faery Matchmaker Vol 1 by Myth Division

15) Grinidon Vol 4 by J Miles Dunn

16) Hoody by Chris Johnson

I tried to make this list with something for every type of readers and taste! They are all from creators who delieve, I guarantee YOU will get your rewards. They Rock the Roll!

You know some others Comics Kickstarter right now live? drop the link in the comment section! I want to know what I'm missing 😀

© 2018 by Kevin Roditeli.